5 Super Simple Fall Suppers

Chili con carne covered in melted cheese in rustic crockery

In the fall, I look forward to eating some meals that we rarely ever fix during the warmer months of the year. There are lots of things that I think of as very seasonal and food is one of these things. As cooler weather approaches, I begin to realize how much I have missed our traditional fall and winter fare. So, with that first nip in the air, I start thinking about making a pot of chili. I love to make chili because it is so simple. It works for a weekday meal, and I also like to put in on in the crockpot before church so that we can come home to a good meal without the Sunday eating-out crowds. It’s a good Saturday night, football watching favorite too. There are lots of ways to make good chili, and I have made it with cumin, chili pepper and salt of my own measurements. But the recipe below is even more simple! Just grab a box of Carroll Shelby’s chili kit, and it gives you just the right spices in just the right proportions, with no guess work involved.


Not too hot, this recipe makes enough for whoever shows up after church and it’s mild enough for everybody. Even the kids. There is usually enough left for a weekday lunch. (Weekday lunches… now THAT should be a post for sure. I hate taking the same things for lunch all the time, and sandwiches just don’t cut it. I’ll try to get my wheels turning on that one!)

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Creamy Loaded Baked Potato Soup with Bacon and Cheese

Another favorite is loaded potato soup. We grew up eating “soupy taters” and cornbread. “Soupy taters” are just drained, boiled potatoes with milk and butter added. One of my favorite childhood meals was a meatless one. “Soupy taters” with boiled cabbage and cornbread. I personally never even minded the smell of the boiled cabbage. Just smelled like good eating to me! While I still love to eat “soupy taters”, I think I like the loaded version even better! The first time I had loaded potato soup was at O’Charley’s. This recipe is a little different from theirs, but both are yummy!

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Tasty meatballs sandwich in a ciabatta with tomato sauce and parmesan

Next up is meatball subs. Along with a couple more meatball ideas!(Meatballs and Gravy and Effortless BBQ Meatballs) Okay, so I said there would be 5 meal ideas in this post…but there are actually 7! Meatballs are just so versatile…not to mention yummy!

[kindred-recipe id=”1899″ title=”Meatballs Marinara”]

[kindred-recipe id=”1900″ title=”Meatballs and Gravy”]

[kindred-recipe id=”1897″ title=”Effortless BBQ Meatballs”]

My son’s favorite is Sausage Supreme. I didn’t get a good picture of this, but trust me, it is really good, and filling on a cool night. It is best with a hot pan of cornbread! One of the best ways I know of to get him home now that he has moved out is to make a pot of Sausage Supreme, no matter what time of year! My son is 23 and lives out on his own. Between working full time and keeping up with his college classes and social life, he doesn’t get home as much as we would like. Good thing I know I always have an ace up my sleeve to get him home for a meal when it’s been just a little too long between visits. He loves Sausage Supreme almost as much as he loves my chicken and dumplings…but that’s another post.

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And last but not least…Creamy Chicken, Rice and Broccoli. This one couldn’t be any easier. Just throw the chicken on in the morning, then make the rice when you get home and dinner is on the table in no time!

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One of my goals with this blog is to make life easier for those of us who do the lion’s share of the cooking in our homes. Although I am beyond blessed to have a daughter who is an excellent cook, I find myself doing more and more of the cooking these days. My 16-year-old has other things on her mind now, and while she still pitches in, I am in the kitchen a lot. All of these recipes are very simple, with little prep time and most can be thrown into the crock pot before you leave for work. Having a meal nearly ready when you get home after a long day is such a good feeling. I hope that you and your family enjoy these simple meal ideas. Happy eating!

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