Deep South Cornbread

2008-12-31-23-00-00-1Here in the south, cornbread is a staple. It is a part of so many meals, like pintos and cornbread, potato soup and cornbread and even cornbread and buttermilk! It is so good! I love the crispy crust and the inside part too. Definitely one of my very favorite comfort foods. Blame it on my roots! Cornbread is an inexpensive and filling addition to any meal, and while traditionally, it has been eaten out of necessity because of these qualities, it is no less southern cuisine at its finest.  It is so simple and easy to make that I don’t normally use a recipe. I just eyeball the amount of each ingredient and determine what I need based on the size of the skillet. The recipe included makes a 12″ pan of cornbread. Our family would never need that much for a typical meal, but I do make a really big pan for when I make Crockpot Chicken and Dressing, so this recipe is what I would use if I were planning a Thanksgiving dinner! Or any get-together when my chicken and dressing is on the menu.

[kindred-recipe id=”1643″ title=”Cornbread”]

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