Feeling Like An Outcast? God sees you!

You may feel like an outcast. But God sees you!

Maybe you have been through a lot, and few people know your story. They don’t know where you have been and they don’t care where you are going.

Maybe you are shy. Or guarded because of past hurts. It’s hard for you to meet new people or talk to people you don’t know well, and even harder to let others in.

Are you one of those who doesn’t play the games of the in-crowd? You avoid drama, and popularity doesn’t mean a thing to you. You state your mind plainly and sometimes others can’t take it.

Could be that you have faced giants that would  crush a lesser spirit, and emerged victorious.

The goodness of your heart and the content of your character delight His heart, but these things are not visible from the outside.

Some don’t see you at all. They are so wrapped up in a cocoon of self-importance and people-pleasing, that you are invisible to them. Or do they see you and judge you harshly? Maybe it makes them feel important to leave you out? Or less threatened by your strength?

There is more to your substance than your beautiful face bespeaks. But maybe you don’t think you’re pretty. God does. He created you in His image and He specializes in a wide variety of beauty.

You are loved. Passionately. By the God who redeemed you and bought you at a terrible price.

Regardless of your situation, if you feel like an outcast, it’s time to lift up your head, straighten your crown, remember who your Father is, and press on.

Remember that there are mean girls everywhere. This article by Sheri Dacon at “Lyrics For Life” clearly states the issue  http://sheridacon.com/2014/01/24/mean-girls-church/  I was so glad to come across her article.  Sometimes we feel that we are the only ones who have ever felt this way. It’s comforting to know that the problem is not uncommon.

Like most moms, I can handle it if I am left out or even mistreated. I have my big girl undies and I am pretty used to wearing them. But when it comes to my kids or people who are near and dear to me, it tears my heart apart to see them ostracized. I have always taught my own children, along with countless others both in public school and in church to treat others as they want to be treated.

Unfortunately, this is no guarantee that this courtesy will be reciprocated.

Sometimes, things happen for a reason.

Maybe God is at work in the whole thing, molding you into the person He created you to be to play your part in His perfect plan. And while it’s painful at the time, just know that He may actually be setting a hedge of protection around you, guarding you or those you love from situations that lead to bad choices.

He may be setting you apart for something. Maybe it’s just so that you will understand the pain of rejection and be willing and able to reach out to someone else.

Whatever the reason, He is aware of your circumstances. Not only is He aware. He really cares. He hurts when you hurt.

Maybe you are learning that He is the best friend you will ever have. To count on Him when the chips are down.

When you are lonely, talk to Him. When you feel rejected, rest in His love.

Remember your worth in His eyes. Remember the price He paid to redeem you. You are chosen. You are His.

There will always be a place for you at God’s table. A place to serve. A place to fellowship. A place where your brothers and sisters in Christ will love and accept you. At least most of them. There will be some who never do. And that’s okay. People will disappoint you, but Jesus never will. He is the most true and faithful friend.

For more on acknowledging your worth in Christ, check out this post. http://www.mouchkainthemaking.com/little-light-mine-acknowledging-self-worth/

And if you are like me, and you struggle with negative feelings toward those who mistreat your kiddos, remember that God knows what it is like to see His child mistreated. Like infinitely more so than we do. I also have to remember that we all have our sin struggles, and guard my own heart against the same level of sin as the person I am unhappy with. See more on this in “The Meditations Of My Heart”. http://www.mouchkainthemaking.com/the-meditations-of-my-heart/

So just keep your focus on Jesus and move forward in His love. Let Him be your everything. He is enough.




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