Powerful Love: The Sacrifice Began Before The Cross

I have had a bit of a writer’s block this week.

Didn’t even get out a post for Tuesday. I had one just about written, but  decided that what I wanted to say was too hard to put into words.

I will try that one again later.

Today,  just one thought overwhelms my mind.

As I was singing to Him on the way to work this morning, I was just struck by the fact that the sacrifice that Jesus made for us began long before the cross.

Leaving the splendor of Heaven, to come to a broken, fallen, dirty world.

All-powerful God became a helpless baby, dependent on human parents for everything.

Raised in a world where He experienced all the human hurts, losses and rejections that we do.

All because He didn’t want Heaven without us.

Can you just imagine?

Anything we can ever do for Him. Anywhere we would dare go for Him. It all pales in comparison.

We could never earn His affection.

Nor could we deserve His forgiveness.

Good thing we don’t have to.

All we have to do is trust Him. Believe that He is who He said. Accept the gift of the cross.

God among us.

Powerful love. Perfect Grace.

Why does He love us so much?

I will never understand. I’m just so thankful that He does.

And with all my flaws, insecurities, selfishness and pride, he still loves and forgives on a daily basis.

So what can I do for Jesus?

He doesn’t need anything. And all He wants is my heart.

So I will serve Him. I will follow. I will be obedient.

Except when I don’t.  

Sadly, I drop the ball so many times. I’m either too distracted to grab onto opportunities, or too busy to really listen to His voice.

But He is always there to help me get it back together.  Far more patient that I deserve.

So I will love Him. And trust Him to lead in the right directions.

A lost and dying world lies right outside our doors. Sometimes in our own homes.

And it’s up to us to reach them. He loves them too. He didn’t want Heaven without them either.

All of them. The lost, the hungry, those who have been hurt by life.  All kinds of circumstances, but all loved by the Father.

I do so little. And yet, He can take little and make it much to further His Kingdom.

Still, I want to do more. So I pray to be able to think outside the box for ways to bring others to Him.

To relay the message of hope through the cross.

This life passes in the blink of an eye.

Only what matters in eternity really matters at all.

Such powerful love. What Jesus did for us on the cross bought eternity for us. The sin debt was covered and our way back to God was made.

Let’s remember always that He gave more than we will ever understand.

Now it’s our turn to give our all to Him.


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